Asthma and Breathing and Oils, Oh My!

Asthma and Breathing and Oils, Oh My!


Every new mother is completely overwhelmed.  Who is this little person, and am I really old enough to take on all this responsibility?  I know I was certainly no exception to the norm.  I wanted with all my heart to be “the perfect mother.”  Does such a thing really exist?  I think we all do the very best we can with what we know at the time.  I remind myself of that as I look back on my mothering of my two daughters.  With what I know now, so much would be different.  Don’t you all feel that way?

When daughter Kate came into the world, I was thrilled, scared, and basically clueless.  When we discovered that she had significant allergies and asthma, it felt as though I was tossing about in a sea of uncertainty.  So many sleepless nights began.  I can remember calling our pediatrician at all hours with a desperate plea to tell me what I needed to do to help her breathe.  I remember propping her up on pillows, running a hot shower and keeping her in the steam, gently pounding her little back…the list goes on.  All of you moms who have experienced this horrible fear that your child might stop breathing are probably taking deep breaths right now in sympathy and understanding.

Back then, thirty-five years ago, I believed totally in allopathic (traditional) medicine.  Whatever the doctor told me to do, I did.  This meant endless prescriptions.  As mentioned in a previous blog, I come from a family that reacts strongly to artificial ingredients, and drugs were certainly no exception.  I was continually calling the pharmacist to ask if what Kate was experiencing was a side effect.  The first answer was usually in the negative; however, when I prodded that they read through the entire list, the side effect would often be one at the very bottom of the sheet.  So, my little Kate had inherited my sensitivity. 

Knowing this did not stop me from pouring syrups, sprinkles, chopped pills down her precious throat.  When your child is gasping for breath, you do whatever you must to make sure the airways stay open.  One time the doctor sent a sandwich bag full of sample bottles of cough and cold syrups home for us to try.  I remember lining them up on the kitchen window sill like colorful soldiers and going through one after another to try to find one that would stop the barking.  None of them did!  The sound of seals continued!

 I began to learn all kinds of things about bronchial tubes, alveoli, ear infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia.  The only time I seemed to have a little segment of peace of mind was when Kate was on an anti-biotic.  For ten days, she was breathing easily and sleeping well.  Once the prescription was finished, it only took a few days before all the symptoms were back with a vengeance.  How the heck does one battle dust mites, by the way?

The years passed and we managed to keep things in some semblance of order.  As Kate aged, her arsenal of breathing apparatus grew right along with her.  She went nowhere without her inhaler and continued to struggle with frequent infections.  I am sure, by the time I discovered the oils in 2001, her poor liver was screaming for a rest from the constant job of ridding her system of the toxins in the medications.  That being said, can you begin to imagine my concern when she called me six months into using oils to pronounce that she was “throwing away her nebulizer?”  Although I had seen incredible changes in myself, in Kate, and in so many others, I did not yet have the confidence in Young Living to support this decision.  Kate, on the other hand, seemed completely at ease with her choice to use only these products to manage her health and alleviate ongoing symptoms.  Since she was twenty-four, I really didn’t have much of a say in the matter.  I said a fervent prayer that she was doing the right thing, and jumped in to support her with my growing knowledge of what oils worked best for what symptoms.

I will forever be in awe of how Kate took charge of her daily wellness.  When I inquired what she was doing to manage her asthma, she informed me that she diffused Purification blend constantly to kill off dust mites and allergens and bacteria in the air.   Ah, so that’s what you do for dust mites!!   She had discovered that lavender was a natural anti-histamine, so she put that on her sinuses to keep things calm.  She used the blends of Raven and R.C. to prevent respiratory congestion, and drank lemon oil in her water all day long.  Lemon is a beautiful way to alleviate mucous from the system.   Peppermint was always on hand for her to smell when she felt congested as well as rub on her chest to open the lungs.

 Kate taught me a great deal about the power of these products to naturally assist the body in its innate desire to heal itself.  Over time, she found her symptoms disappearing.  She occasionally has some reaction to an allergen, but stops it from invading her system with the use of her arsenal of oils.  It has been ten years now since she has filled a prescription or purchased any over-the-counter medicine.  What a miracle this is…and what a relief to a mom who was so very desperate to help her child breathe and be healthy.

As I mentioned earlier, we all enter parenthood knowing how little we know.  Back when I began my journey, Young Living was not available.  I had no choice but to follow doctors' orders and fill those countless drug prescriptions.  When I find myself saddened by this, I remind myself that I did the best I could with the information I had at the time.  Now, I get to do it differently as I share my granddaughter Anna’s journey.  Here is a little one who is nearly three and has never had any medicine other than what our Young Living line provides.  She is vibrant, joy-filled, and the picture of health and sunshine. 

So, I really do get to do it again in a way that resonates so deeply in the heart of a Seventies hippie!

Terry Quigley is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Brain Gym Practitioner, Young Living Essential Oils Consultant, and a former classroom teacher.    Her special talent is her ability to present information in a common sense and practical way that enables her clients to increase their energy, reduce stress, and bring back their zest for living.  She believes it is important to take the fear out of making health choices and that education is the key to empowerment.  She is passionate about sharing her ongoing personal journey toward optimal health and believes that each of us thrives when we are encouraged to listen to our inner voice and celebrate our own unique journey.

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Maureen Quigley June 14, 2012 at 10:08 pm

What a wonderful thing this was to read this Terry!  I of course know this story of Kate very well, but reading it like this really touched my heart and once again, after all of these years, made me so grateful for and amazed by the beautiful healing power of these oils.  And for the millionth time, thank you for introducing me, your obstinate sister who balked, to Young Living.  Ten years later my family and I are ten years younger and ten years healthier!!!  Bless you!  Mo


Debbie June 15, 2012 at 2:19 am

I wish I had known about Young Living when I went through years of stress asthma that led to a chronic cough for almost 3 years. The meds messed me for quite awhile especially Predisone


Kate June 19, 2012 at 7:23 pm

The YL oils really changed my life for the better in so many ways. What a HUGE blessing not being on so many RX drugs anymore. Being willing to make a change and listen to what my body was telling me was an amazing journey. I’m so grateful for the love of my family and friends and especially my mom throughout my journey. AND being able to share this journey with the oils and having given my daughter Anna NO chemical medications ever is so empowering. Grateful to be in charge of my own health! Kate


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